Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Kurt Geigers!

FINALLY! Okay, I've had these photos taken for a while now, it's just taken me a while to get around to writing the blog post... I know I'm sorry. But I'm here now! Better late than never I always say. That's like my life motto.

These boots are my new babies. Just look at how pretty they are! I mean, they best be for the bloody price I paid. Originally they were £160 (ouch) but I saw them on sale for £109 and dumb dumb over here thinking she was getting a great bargain for leather boots fell hook line and sinker. Now they're down to £49 ... I hate myself.

Anyhow, moping over what's done is done. I still think they were totally worth it. They're the comfiest pair of boots I have ever worn, even with a block heel and I've been able to toddle around in them all day without getting major achey feet. Winner! Now with them being real leather obviously you have to look after them. I was so petrified of ruining them that I refused to wear them until I had bought a proper leather protecting spray. This made me feel so much better about wearing them out as obviously you're not meant to get leather wet, and of course I wouldn't go out in a torrential rainstorm - that would be madness - but ya know, what if I stepped in a puddle. Gotta be prepared. So yeah once I'd sprayed them stupid I felt ready to take on the world in my new boots!

Not only are they ridiculously comfortable but they look good with practically everything. I've thrown together a few different outfits I like to wear them with just to show you guys. I know, hope you're excited!!

Outfit Numero Uno
Jeans: Topshop
Jumper: George
Bomber Jacket: Topshop

Outfit Numero Dos?
Tights: River Island
Dress: Topshop
Denim Shirt: Open
Bag: Michael Kors

Outfit Numero... is 3 Tres in Spanish? (am I even counting in Spanish?) I have no idea
Jeans: Miss Selfridge
Top; Primark
Leather Jacket: River Island

So there are my three outfits to go with my new favourite boots!! I would definitely recommend these, (especially as the price has gone down now, damn it!) and already I want another pair of KG's. Sorry bank account.

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