Friday, 25 March 2016

Major Hair Change!!

I change my hair colour more than most people have hot dinners - if you have never heard of this saying I feel sorry for you. I mean it makes no sense but I bloody love using it. The point being, I have had a lot of very different hair styles/colours simply because I can.

I've been brunette, with & without blonde highlights, black, purple, red, back to black, purple dip dye, blonde ombre and finally red with an orange fire resembling dip dye. There's probably more I can't remember... I get bored, I've got a very short attention span okay.

This is the latest transformation

The ombre had severely faded and I had too many split ends to count. Definitely in need of a chop! So I went back to the black hair I've had before with a slight twist. It's half and half of two colours. The first one being practically black, and the other a dark chocolatey brown. Plus with the faded red that was already my hair colour all together it's created this awesome multi-tonal effect especially when the light hits it. Also the ends, as they were lighter to begin with, are now the darkest part so it's kind of like an opposite ombre. I decided as well to have my layers put back in (literally has taken me years to grow them out, my hair was finally all one length and I wanted them back... classic me).

All in all, I bloody love it. So of course I had a little solo photo shoot when I got home so I could show it off for all of you lovely peeps. I'm just that nice. Happy scrolling!

It feels so much healthier, and looks it too! Sometimes you just need a change. If any of you are interested in seeing some of my hair care products/a hair care routine let me know in the comments below, as the amount of times my hairs been dyed it always needs some TLC.

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Gonna love ya and leave ya, so until next time


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