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February Favourites!

Wow so my New Years resolutions are going swimmingly! It's the 8th of March and I have uploaded a whopping 0 posts... I am seriously so terrible at this. My bad. BUT I am hoping this post makes up for it as I'm finally showing off some of my January Sales purchases (I fully intended to upload a haul with all of my January Sales buys but we can all see how well that went). So I guess technically I have been loving these bits and bobs during January as well, so lets just think of this as a double favourites of the month. Because why not?

SO without further ado lets jump straight back into it and I'll show you what I've been fan-girling over recently:


Firstly let's peruse some beauty faves, I've had quite a bad breakout with my skin recently so I've been madly using my Elizabeth Arden cleansing scrub but I thought it needed just that little something extra as well. So I was on the hunt for a lotion/toner type product that I could smooth on and not have to wash off and I found this one from Superdrug's own brand. It has actually worked a treat, and my skin is looking so much better. What I'm really after now is a mask that I can leave on to really go that extra mile. You know, push the boat out.

Deep Action Cleansing Lotion 

I also cannot get enough of The Righteous Body Butter by Soap & Glory, it smells absolutely delicious and my skin feels so silky smooth after I've had a shower and smothered myself in it. So good, I love Soap & Glory products!

Smashbox BB Water
YSL Lipstick

Next of course there are some make-upy bits. This Smashbox foundation I was just desperate to try so I actually bought it when I was out sales shopping (one of the products I would have put in my January Sales haul had I uploaded it - my bad) only it wasn't discounted at all which made me sad! Yet not sad enough not to buy it. Still popped it in mah basket. And I am so glad I did! It's called a BB Water rather than a BB Cream because it's so much thinner and lighter than your average BB Creams. It's definitely one thing that I've noticed when using it, it feels like you're wearing nothing which is great. But that doesn't detract from the coverage, I would say this is a medium coverage foundation but it's great for daytime and when I combine it with the concealer - also Smashbox to match - and my setting powder all blemishes completely vanish. In short I really am crushing on this foundation and I wear it practically every day for work and days out, it lasts quite a while. Definitely worth the price tag in my opinion. Now that I've rambled on about the foundation, I have also been drooling over this lipstick by YSL which you might notice from my "What I Got For Christmas" post - which you can see here if you so wish (hint hint) - and the novelty has totally not worn off yet. I adore the colour and the weightlessness feel it has to it. Also the staying power is just on point, everything you'd expect from an Yves Saint Laurent product. Thumbs up from me!

Foundation shade: fair/light
Lipstick shade: 207

Black Opium

Now this was an actual January Sales buy, I ordered it online for half price - gotta love a bargain! And ughhh, oh my god I am obsessed with it. It smells so good, it is my new favourite perfume ever. Hands down. It takes all my self control not to use it every single day. I mean I would but I don't want to be running out any time soon. And can we please just talk about this gorgeous packaging? The bottle is stunning, it's all pink and purpley and glittery. Drooling.


Kurt Geiger Saloon Tan Boots

 Time for my new babies! I am so in love with these boots it's unreal. These are another purchase from the January Sales - although they're actually cheaper now so I'm kicking myself - and they are my first ever pair of Kurt Geigers!! They're beautiful. And actually the comfiest boots I own by far. I'm going to be doing a post on these really soon and showing them off with a few different outfits, so I'll go into more detail about them then. But I love the style of them and I can wear them with so many things, it's awesome!

- I am so sorry but I cannot for the life of my find a link to this exact bag online! (hangs head in shame)

And yes of course, the Michael Kors bag is making an appearance again. It was a Christmas present so you can see it in my "What I Got For Christmas" post. I was so lucky and I'm so in love with the bag I take it everywhere! Well almost everywhere, I don't take it to work with me of course. I actually bought a little leather protector spray because I was absolutely petrified of ruining it! So now that it's been thoroughly sprayed I feel a lot more relaxed about taking it out. Also, it totally matches the boots - perfect pairing.


Special Edition Harry Potter Paperbacks

Okay so I haven't actually read these books recently and they may have only been delivered the other day but I ordered them back in February so I'm totally counting it. If you guys were not aware, I am a ginormous Harry Potter fan, and I mean GINORMOUS. Seriously it's like a lifestyle rather than an appreciation for. And I just really felt the need to get a matching box set since my original copies are so mismatched it hurts. So I had a little browse and I ordered these absolutely beautiful editions! I mean just look at some of those covers! Fangirling so hard right now. Even those these are stunning, I fully intend to own more editions of the books just because there are so many stunning copies out there, and I would like a hardback set. But for now these will more than do, and coincidently my favourite book and movie is also the pettiest cover out of all of these: The Prisoner of Azkaban! Plus I love the way they all make the castle together on the spines. Cannot get enough. Seriously. I have a problem.


^ source
source >
Okay so what I've been watching recently is kind of really random. You see, also during the January Sales - if I'd have uploaded them you would already know - I bought the Sims 4 game for PC and I may have become just a tad addicted to it... I've kind of fell head first into this whole Sims YouTube reality that I never knew existed, and now I am really really into watching other people play the Sims 4. And these two lovely ladies above are Deligracy and Vixella. They have to be hands down my favourite Simmers, they're just too funny and Vixella is simply hilarious! I love their builds and their lets plays, if you're sad like me then you'll know what I'm talking about but if not you'll probably have absolutely no idea. Aha, hmmmm I need to go out and get me one of those life things...


And last but  certainly not least, what I've been listening to this past month! Now I'm not normally a huge Selena Gomez fan, don't get me wrong nothing against the girl but I've never been that into her, yet recently I have been all over her latest album! Even have it saved on Spotify and everything. And what. My favourite song from it at the moment is definitely Perfect. I just think it's so different and edgy although I think a lot of her music is going that way now, but that song really surprised me. I expected it to be lovey dovey when I first clicked on it, only it is the complete opposite and I'm super obsessed with it. This album artwork though... Little bit riskay if you ask me.

So yeah there's my February favourites for ya'll! I hope you enjoyed scrolling through, and again I'm going to apologise and hold up my hands to being a lousy blogger - I fail at life okay! But I'm getting back into the swing of things (how many times have I said that now) so let's see where we go from here. Looking forward to reading your guys comments so make sure to leave some down below, and don't forget to like and share this post too if you enjoyed it and there's a little Bloglovin follow button over there too just in case you know. Life is short, why not.

And I will see you guys soon, thanks for reading :)
Until next time


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