Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015!!!!

Guys, I can't believe Christmas is over already!! Where on earth did the time go? It seriously went so fast, and now I feel all deflated and sad. I love Christmas and it's just over way too quick. But at least there's New Year to look forward to now yay! And it's gonna be 2016 soon... That is flippin scary!

Anyhows, I wanted to share with you all the gifts I got this year, as I honestly feel so lucky! I love watching other people's videos and reading blog posts on what they got so I'm joining in :)

(I feel like I need to add a little disclaimer in here - everyone else does - I'm just going to say, I'm not bragging here, I'm not trying to show off or anything of the sort, I just like sharing these types of hauls and as I've already said I love when other people do this so I'm simply doing my own. If you don't like these posts for whatever reason then by all means there's no need to read. But of course if you do then read on and I hope you enjoy!!) 

There's a lot of pictures, I apologise...

First I'll go through what little bits I got in my stocking:

 So I've got a polaroid camera and this is a lens to go over it so that I can zoom and get close up pictures with it which is so cool! And the little blue thing is a make-up brush cleaner, so you just put it on you finger and use the ridges to clean the bristles. Liking that.

 A couple of coasters. Friends because I'm addicted to it, and Harry Potter of course. Mother admitted that she realised she had got me the wrong house though - I'm totally a Slytherin - so let's just ignore that.

 Gotta have some chocolate, and I also go a Terry's chocolate orange, naturally, but I may have demolished that already...

 Little Ted Baker souffle body butter. 

 A YSL lipstick oh my god yes! Begged my mum for one of these for Christmas and this is in the shade 207. In love! Thanks mumma bear.

 And a couple of cute owl things because we know how much I love my owls. The big purple one is a gorgeous paperweight, and the little one next to it is just a tiny storage tube. Super cute!

Next, these are off my secret santa - although it's not really a secret, it's all off my friend Hannah but shhhh ;) - and she has done so good this year I love them so much!

 I love Body Shop products and she always wins when she gets me stuff from there. But Urban Decay... Got to be one of my favourite make up brands, and I would never expect her to go out and buy me a palette from them, but she did and I love her for it. I am so so happy with it, used it already I have! So thankful to her, she has outdone herself this year!

Okay, and now here are my new baby's. I asked my cousin for some new straighteners for Christmas. Never specified GHDs and never in a million years thought she would get me a pair. But oh my goodness, she pushed the boat out and bloody well did! 

 I mean come on, how beautiful are they? I think I'm actually in love. Feel so incredibly lucky, she is the best cousin ever. 

 Gotta love a bit of Soap&Glory at Christmas. And my Auntie got me this humoungous box. There's lots in here to keep me going for months, and they all smell so good. Never tried the mascara though so I'm looking forward to that!

Me and my friend Jess said we were going to get each other little presents, and we are both obsessed with Harry Potter, it's like our lifestyle, so of course we both bought Harry Potter themed gifts. I got her a mug that when you pour hot water into it the marauders map appears! Actually want one of those myself. And she got me these amazing little sorting hat earrings and I think they're the absolutely cutest! 10 points to Jess.

This next little pile is off my family from Cornwall who came to stay with us for Christmas. We spend Christmas with them every year and it's just the best. 

 This scarf is so big and thick and cosy! And loving the red check at the moment too. 

 Some books, of course. Harry Potter colouring book - enjoying this already, was even having a little doodle while these pictures uploaded. As you do. Next a couple of graphic novels, because I've been desperately wanting to read some and these have been sitting in my Amazon wish list for yonks! So excited to get on to these soon.

 Some gigantic ear cuffs! Loving them - featured here in my Christmas day outfit post if you wanna have a quick nosey ;) - shameless self promotion there.

 ONE DIRECTION CD! Adore this new album, it is definitely going straight in my car! And Harry Styles voice is just... <3

 This candle smells so good, it's like Christmas baking! Mmmmm. And then my little cousin has been practicing her origami and made me this bird out of paper. Such a little cutie! And so clever!

Now this is the stuff that I got off my parents. Been spoiled rotten!

 This candle is so cool. It's basically an electric version of one of those tea light melt burners. You plug it in and this little pad at the top gently heats to melt the wax, and there's also little lights around the side. It looks so cool when it's on. As you can see I've already used it! Also, it's a slightly different kind of wax that melts at a lower temperature so it doesn't actually get that hot and is safe to touch which is awesome!

 Love him! I would honestly marry Michael McIntyre. Already watched it too, and it's hilarious! Just in case you were wondering.

 A new diary and desk calendar. Winner!

 Another graphic novel. And this one is a twist on Sleeping Beauty. I actually can't wait to read it and how cool is the cover?! 

 I always get pyjamas for Christmas and my Mum always gets it spot on! The first pair are from Boux Avenue, with owls on of course, and the bottoms are ridiculously soft. They are the comfiest pyjama bottoms I own. And the three tops are from Primark, they're so cute! My favourite is hands down the polar bear one, simply because of the contrasting sleeves. It's also super comfy. 

I have been so god damn lucky and treated to a Pandora ring!!!! In rose gold none the less!!! Rose gold is my absolute favourite and it's made up of tiny little connecting hearts. Adorable! I love it, it's just perfect and I couldn't thank the parental units enough. 

Now this last one, I was speechless and I honestly felt like crying. I never expected such a gift, and am absolutely over the moon with it! I have been banging on about Michael Kors for literally about two years straight - if not longer - and was going to save for my own bag. But Mother has beat me to it! I can't believe she went out and bought me this, I'm so happy with it. It's the best present I think I've ever received. Gobsmacked! So thank you so much Mummy, I adore it!

And that's it! Hope you liked seeing what I got for Christmas, please share what you had below, or if you've made your own blog post do share it as I'd love to go and have a read! I'm just super nosey hahaha! Again, I want to reiterate that I'm not intending to brag or show off with this post I just wanted to share it with everyone and I am so so so so grateful for every single present that I've gotten this year - as I am every year - and I hope everyone is just as happy with theirs! 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, and looking forward to a fantabulous New Year as well! Lots of love to you all please like/share/comment if you like what you see here. And give us a follow on the ol' Bloglovin' there. Cheers m' dears!

Until next time 


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