Saturday, 5 December 2015

November Favourites!

Keeping on top of these monthly favourites aren't I! And I can't bloomin' believe it's December already... Christmas is literally sneaking up on me, I don't feel prepared. Still got lots of presents to get guys. But let's just procrastinate some more so I can get on with showing you all what I've been loving throughout November. Great idea.


I have been absolutely loving fake nails this month and these Elegant Touch ones have been my favourite! I got a couple of these from Superdrug, a dark berry red set and this rose gold set which I can't get enough of. The colour is just so pretty, and they actually stay on really well. My real nails are really weak and they always break so easily so that they all end up with jagged edges and in weird shapes. And because I'm lazy, rather than tackling that problem head on I just like to ignore it and wear fake ones instead. Winner. Also, I'm a huge fan of Simple and all of their beauty products, I'm that person that prefers make-up wipes to any of those oil based liquid ones, so when I saw these new ones that they've brought out I had to pick them up. And I have to say, I have really been loving them. Simple always feel gentle on my skin anyway, but there's something about these ones that feel even better. Super soft. 

I actually got these make-up brushes for my birthday which was back in September, but I'll be perfectly honest I didn't use them too much to begin with - my bad - yet now they've become a must have staple in my make-up bag. I think they're my new favourite brushes for sure. They're the Real Techniques ones by Sam and Nic Chapman and they're honestly some of the softest ones I own. I love Real Techniques anyway but these are a new novelty for me at the moment. Adore the big fluffy due fibre face brush, it's so so soft. Love them. And next up my make-up brush cleanser which I've actually done a separate blog post on here if you wanna go and have a nosey at that. I really love this as it does work really really well. What I love most is that you don't need to use a lot of it to get your brushes clean and it's super quick and easy. Brill product.

Now, it's winter, it's cold outside. And working in a hospital handling patient's notes and using a computer all day seems to have really dried out my hands. I hate the feeling of dry hands, I feel like I can't touch anything as it just goes through me so I always keep a little hand moisturiser in my bag. At the moment I've been carrying round this little Lilly of the Valley one from Marks & Spencer and it smells so damn good! It does obviously hydrate your skin, but I have to say it doesn't last an awful long time so I do have to keep re-applying if I'm out and about. But it's a good size to keep in my hand bag. And then there's the Garnier Intensive 7 Day Smooth hand cream which does keep my hands feeling soft for ages. It does have that tendency to make your hands feel quite greasy, but if I'm being honest I don't mind that at all, I'd rather them feel that way than really cracked and dry. But I know some people do hate that so just a little warning with this one, but it does work wonders in my opinion.

Ta-Da, Zoella's latest fizz bar. This smells delicious and I have loved using it in my bath recently, there's already a few chunks missing out of the top. It makes my bath feel really luxurious and it's so relaxing. I really want to get her bath soak cream as well, as I've heard such good things about that also. Hopefully will make lots of bubbles too as sadly with this I've noticed I don't get many. And I freakin' love bubbles!


I actually have a whole outfit for my fashion favourites this month, how exciting! Basically just made up of some new bits and pieces that I bought throughout November. So what I'm going to do is upload a separate outfit post to show guys the different items and it will be up soon I promise!! I'm planning to upload it on Tuesday - I am a liar it will be up when it's up, I'll link it here though don't worry. But I'll be nice and show you a little sneak peak below.

There ya go, that's all you're getting guys.


I think it was the beginning of November when I went out and picked up my brand spanking new laptop! Oh yeah. And I bloody love it. My old one was on it's last legs and was just one of the Dell ones. I browsed the tinterweb for a new one and in the end decided to go for a HP as they tended to have some really good reviews. I don't know what it is about Macbooks and the like but I just didn't fancy splashing out for an apple product personally. I'm an Android girl when it comes to my phone as well, just sayin'. So I got this one from PC World and it's the HP Envy Notebook 15-ah151sa. It's so quick and I've been loving Windows 10 so yeah I'm super happy with my new laptop at the moment! Then there's a couple of foody things. I saw this Reeses peanut butter chocolate spread in Sainsburys and I just couldn't resist. It's so yummy! I've been having it for breakfast on toast or pancakes etc. and it's so good. And then the other day I made a white chocolate rocky road out of this little jar here. So it was already weighed out for me to just mix together so it was ridiculously easy. They're by this brand called The Little Taste Buds Company and I found it at a little Christmas Market I went to. They do absolutely loads all ready to bake and I think they're just such a good idea. Plus the result was super tasty. Loved it and would definitely buy more!


I've been so bad with my reading this month, this is the only book I've picked up and I still haven't finished it yet! Not too sure what I think about it, it's a little bit odd, but who knows the ending might surprise me. If you're a bookaholic too (even if I do get into reading slumps now and again) you can add me on Goodreads and see reviews of lots of different books!



Outnmubered!!! I used to love this programme years ago when it first aired and I recently disovered it again on good old Netflix. Can't get enough of it at the moment, and it's almost Christmas now which you know means I'm going to be watching the Christmas specials. It's so funny!



One Direction's new album: Made In The AM has been on repeat through Spotify. Personally I think it's their best album yet. Seriously can't stop listening to it. My favourite song has to be If I Could Fly... I mean Harry's voice, ughh! In love.

So there's my November favourites for you! Hope you've enjoyed this months. I'm already so excited to do December's as there's lots I'm loving so far. Still can't believe it's not long until Christmas... Holy Moly. My next post is going to be the Christmas Tag woop woop, so look out for that hopefully tomorrow. I do love Christmas.

But for now, I'm going to love you and leave you, so thank you for reading guys and please do follow/comment/like/share all that good stuff. Until next time



  1. Good choices here and that reese's spread is making me have to go get a spoon of my Nutella! Nice blog!!


    1. Thank you! Haha it is very yummy. Thanks so much :)

      Georgina x

  2. All my hungry eyes saw was the Reese's spread, and I love that and all of the things you picked for your favorites! xx,

    1. It is so good, definitely pick some up if you see it! Awww thank you :)

      Georgina x

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    1. So sweet! Thanks so much :)

      Georgina x