Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Birmingham Christmas Market

I've been meaning to upload this post all week, I intended to get it up last Monday! Let's be honest, I suck. I'm honestly the laziest person ever. I don't even have an excuse as I've had the time. One of my New Years resolutions is going to be to actually upload blog posts when I say I will. On time. We'll see if that ever happens.
Anyhow! Better than late than never I always say. Last Sunday I went to Birmingham to visit ma' gurl, my brummy, my Uni pal Ava to go to the Christmas Market. I love Christmas markets, they always make me feel so damn festive, and Ava actually got into the Christmas spirit as well! Which is saying something, she's normally such a bah humbug ;) I must be rubbing off on her! It was such a good day as well - despite the weather, I suppose that's what we get for living in the UK. But we didn't let it dampen our spirits of course! We dawdled round all of the cute festive little huts, ate to our hearts content, danced to Under The Sea - not very Christmasy I know - played by a very talented dude on a violin, and saw a tiny Santa. All in all it wasn't too shabby. Naturally I took some piccies and thought I would upload them all for you to browse at your hearts content. Even though I never get stuff up on time, enjoy anyway:

 Ordered this giant piece of apple strudel, didn't like it...

Boots: Next
Jeans: Topshop
Christmas Jumper: Primark
Faux Fur Coat: River Island
Wooly Hat: Primark

All of the strung up lights were so pretty, and all of the food was delicious! We shared this giant - and when I say giant, I mean giant, I didn't anticipate how big it was going to be when I ordered it - bratwurst hotdog, had some mulled wine and hot chocolate, stuffed our faces with chocolate covered marshmallows, treated ourselves to an all you can eat Chinese buffet, then had some good ol' strudel which actually I ended up not liking... Even though last year at Manchester Christmas Market, I loved my strawberry one. Who knows, I must be fussy! I didn't buy much other than a little rose gold angel to go on the tree.

Hope you like all of these snapshots! Had a lovely day felt so festive and now I just can't wait for Christmas day to actually be here, so excited!! Have you been to a Christmas market this year? Comment your thoughts below :) and are you a bah humbug or getting into the festive spirit? Please like, comment, share, subscribe - all that good stuff. Bloglovin' link is below guys if you use that, and over to the side on the right >> Thanks for reading!

And until next time dearies, Merry Christmas from us!


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