Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Favourites!

I know it's been an awfully long time since I posted anything! I really am terrible at this blogging lark. But in my defense, full time work is tiring man! Alas, I'm picking up my slack now and thought I'd kick things off again with a monthly favourites - woooo. 'Cause we all know we love a good monthly favourites. I for one really enjoy reading other people's so here's my attempt at one! Enjoy:


I have really been loving my beauty stuff this month, hence why there are quite a few bits and bobs here. Firstly my Coconut oil...

This thing is a God send! My hair is quite damaged (due to excessive dying etc.) but this little beauty is literally a miracle worker. Honestly I can't go without it. Every now and then I do a full on soak - cover my hair from about halfway down, brush it through and sleep with it on then rinse it all off the next morning. My hair has never been softer. This is gonna be a favourite for life not just this month! Also sticking to the hair theme, my Aussie "Miracle Hair Insurance Lightweight Conditioning Spray" really helps to de-tangle those knotty tendrils. Mine really does get awful so I use this after every wash to help brush it through and it really does work wonders! It was recommended to me by a friend who has similar hair so I definitely recommend it to others if you have thick long hair that gets continuously knotty.

I have also been loving my MAC lipstick - the only one I own (shocking!) - and even though I bought this a while ago, I'm still going to include it in this month's favourites because I've been wearing it an awful lot regardless. It's such a gorgeous dark nude shade, and of course the lip liner to go with it. Best lipstick I own, I swear.
Lipstick shade - Mehr
Lip Liner shade - Whirl

This real techniques sponge is a staple piece in my make-up bag (I have recently washed it but then used it, so it is a tad messy I'm sorry!). I use it every day as it's so easy and quick, plus it creates great coverage with my BB cream. Don't know how I've gone so long without it if I'm honest.

And speaking of my BB cream, I am loving this one by L'Oreal at the moment. I personally prefer matte make-up looks to dewy/shiny ones for my own skin, and sometimes I struggle to get the effect I want, but this makes it look effortless - which trust me it isn't, but it's great for it to look that way. Not that it's a huge task doing it every morning, but you get what I mean. I didn't just wake up like that... Although I wish I did!

Ah now, my mascara. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay's "Better Than Sex" mascara ever since my Mum bought me it for Christmas. The thing is it has to be ordered online to pick up from store in Debenhams, it frustrates me that they don't actually stock it (at least they don't in the one at home anyhow) but when I went in to re-purchase it, that fact sort of slipped my mind. So there I am, mascara-less thinking of all the time I'm gonna have to wait ordering it when I spy this one. Don't know what it was that drew me to it but hey I thought I'd push the boat out and jump in! It definitely payed off, I would put this on a par with the "Better Than Sex" one, It creates a lovely long thick lash effect. Urban Decay's Perversion should be in everyone's make-up bag!

Lastly in beauty my trusty Elizabeth Arden facial cleanser and toner duo. This is the best thing I have ever bought for my skin, without a doubt. I'm going to be doing an in depth review of these products soon so I won't write too much down here but just know that I love them!

 Only one in the fashion category for today, but do not fret I have now been paid so there will be lots of new items in the next favourites you can count on it!

This jumper is the comfiest thing I have bought in a while and I haven't been out of it. It's so soft and I love the colour. Plus it was from good old Primarni so it was a steal! I love jumpers at this time of year I honestly have a tonne, I can't seem to help myself. Keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure there will be a lot more jumpers on this blog soon. Probably a lot of new ones, as I feel a shopping spree coming on...


So I'm a self confessed bookaholic, and I have really loved Rook by Sharon Cameron this month, although it did take me a while to read... Ooops! I have wrote a little review over on Goodreads if you're interested at all in reading it, then click here. Also, if you have a Goodreads account and think of yourself as a book nerd too then feel free to add me! I'm always looking for recommendations on new reading material.


I have been obsessed with The Originals lately ever since it came out on Netflix, seriously I can't get enough. Klaus is by far my favourite character. Do you watch it? If so, what do you think of it? I for one love it, and it really pains me that I have to wait a week for every new episode now after marathoning the first two seasons.


And lastly my favourite song! I know this one hasn't been out that long but I can't stop listening to Adele's new song Hello. Does anyone else feel the same way? It's just so powerful, I love it.

And that's it then! My October favourites. I'm going to do my best to keep up with these each month now that I've started, but well we'll see how well that goes. I do really enjoy reading these favourites posts and writing my own. I love to read your comments and always reply so let me know what you thought down below guys :)

Thanks for reading and fingers crossed you'll be reading another one next month haha!

Until next time



  1. Coconut oil is thee best!! What Mac lipstick and lipliner shade are those? They look so pretty! Great post x

    Lina / lina-khalifa.blogspot.com

    1. It so is! My little life saver at the moment. Ahh sorry I meant to put the shade on, completely slipped my mind haha. The lipstick is Mehr and the lip liner is in the shade Whirl :) thank you very much!!

      Georgina x

  2. So many of your beauty faves are mine at the moment too - I use coconut oil kn my hair over night as well, I've been doing it for a couple of years now, it's helped my hair so much. I bought the RT Miracle Complextion sponge a couple of days ago and it's amazing, so much better than using brushes. Love the L'Oreal Infalliable Matte foundation too, fave drugstore foundation.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Ah it really does work wonders on your hair doesn't it! And yes, that sponge has saved me so much time and effort, I love it. The L'Oreal foundation is my favourite at the moment too definitely. Thanks for your comment! :)

      Georgina x