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Amsterdam In Depth!

If you've never been to Amsterdam before and you get the chance to go I highly recommend you jump on it! It is truly one of the prettiest cities that I have ever seen (not that I've been to many, but you get my point). Even with the terrible rain we had - typical right?! - the views still weren't spoilt, so if you happen to be lucky enough to enjoy some sunshine on your trip then I will definitely envy you. I thought I'd upload some of the tonnes of pictures I took whilst in Amsterdam and explain about some of the things I learnt about the city. Hopefully it inspires some of you to hop on a plane! 

First we made our way to the famous Dam square! And naturally stopped to take lots of pictures. Above is the Madame Tussaud museum - I believe they have one of these literally everywhere!
And below is the Amsterdam Royal Palace - Koninklijk Palace - which is where the Dutch Royal family used to call home. How stunning is this building?!

The National Memorial Statue

This statue, which is directly opposite the palace, was erected after World War 2 to honour the soldiers and other members of the resistance who lost their lives.

As I'm sure you know Amsterdam is made up of lots of canals (and I mean A LOT) but the three main ones are called Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. I believe these pictures are of Herengracht or the "Gentlemen's Canal" - if I'm wrong please don't shoot me, they kind of all look the same!  

Next we headed straight to one of the biggest, and most famous museums in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum! Again, another fabulous looking building, and not to mention gigantic. I don't think either of us realised quite how big it was. We were shattered by the time we'd covered only half of it! You are allowed to take photos inside so I'm gonna show you a few, but I don't want to spoil it completely if it's somewhere you really want to visit, so I'll just upload some pics of my favourite pieces. 

 Armchair from the prison cell of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt.

 Miniature silver horse and carriage.

 Gold and jewel studded stopwatches. 

3 panes of stained glass depicting a battle at sea.

 Beautifully painted grandfather clock.

Gorgeous marble fireplace. 

Our last stop on the first day was the one and only Anne Frank House. This was honestly a truly moving and humbling experience getting to set foot where Anne and her family had been forced to hide away. It really did seem to put everything into perspective and the atmosphere was very sombre. There's a video tribute at the end of various celebrities paying their respects to Anne and others who sadly suffered the same fate which was really touching to watch. Also there's an opportunity to leave your own thoughts via an electronic guestbook which I took the opportunity to do. Would definitely recommend visiting here if you go to Amsterdam it is a must see! I learnt a lot that I didn't know waling through this house, it was so worth running through the rain for.

Amsterdam's canals are just as pretty, if not more so, at night. And of course if you can't tell by the drastic change in colour, these last three photos are of the Red Light District! I think (if you're over 18) if you come to Amsterdam it's a place you need to go to just so you can say you've seen it. It's a pretty legendary. We had a wander up the street then decided to find a nice normal bar to go and have a drink in haha! As you can see by all the people in this photo it was very busy - extremely popular area I must say.

On day 2 we visited Vondelpark - which was a beautiful place even in the rain! We didn't walk all the way round as it's a huge park, but I imagine it would be love to take a bike ride round. When it's sunny that is. Our last venture was a canal cruise on this baby which was actually really interesting! It only lasts an hour and takes you all round the canals pointing out the sights around you.

Some of the views were absolutely stunning from the boat, and thank goodness we finally saw a bit of sun! We passed lots of house boats that take up the sides of the canals, and some of them were really pretty. I can't imagine living in one myself but yano, whatever floats your boat! (aheh get it?) This last snapshot is of the famous seven bridged of Reguliersgract which is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Amsterdam. And it is also a highly photographed shot.

All in all we had such an amazing time in Amsterdam! I adored seeing all the sights and learning new things. There is literally so much to do and see and I would love to go back. Next time I visit I will definitely be hiring a bike to take round Vondelpark - weather permitting - and taking a wander around the Royal Palace as it is open to the public every day other than Monday assuming there are no events happening at the time. What would be on your list of things to do if you went to Amsterdam?

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