Thursday, 30 July 2015

Holland Holiday Snaps!

I have been so excited to upload these pictures for you all! My week in the Netherlands has been amazing, especially the Amsterdam part. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to visit, you should definitely go. It is such a beautiful city. I thought I'd start off by uploading just a few pictures from the entire week, then I'm going to upload a separate one a bit more in depth about the Dam and lastly I'll put up some fashion posts so you can see the outfits I wore throughout the week. Can't wait for those ones personally! 

So here are some snapshots from the week - Enjoy!

 Me and Luc on the plane
 Me and Luc in Helmond
 River in Helmond
 Helmond Castle
 Eindhoven Cathedral 
 Me and Luc in Eindhoven
 Animal park in Helmond
 Helmond park
 Me, Luc, my cousin and her partner
 Dam square!
 Me and Luc in Dam square
 Statue in Dam square
 Outside the Rijksmuseum
 Anne Frank house
 Me and Luc in Vondelpark
 On the canal cruise!
 Canal cruise
View of Amsterdam 
Helmond, Eindhoven and Amsterdam 2015

There are lots more pictures to come so make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out if you want to see more! Let me know what you think of these first few snapshots. Have you ever been to the Netherlands? If so I'd love to see your photos and hear about your experience. I for one have had one hell of an adventure :)

Thanks for reading guys!
Until next time 



  1. Love these beautiful photos of the canals, city life, and the good time you are having…love your long side braid, too! xo


    adorn la femme

    1. It is such a stunning place! We had a really good time yeah, and aw sweet thank you :) I did love the braid.
      Thanks Lauren!
      Georgina x

  2. It looks so lovely there, I'd especially love to go to Amsterdam. Looking forward to seeing your outfits for the week!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Definitely recommend that you visit if you get the chance, its amazing! Ahhh do not fret the outfit posts are coming up soon :) thank you!
      Georgina x

  3. Love these photos, I really want to go to Amsterdam one day! :) xx


    1. Thank you! It is a really beautiful place, yeah you really should go one day it is so worth it!
      Georgina x

  4. What great pictures! It sounds like an amazing trip. I loved the picture of the castle and cathedral!

    1. Thank you! It really was such a good holiday. Everything is just perfect for photos, and yeah they are both stunning :) thanks for commenting.
      Georgina x